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Bernie Worrell and the Avila Street Allstars (Rage version)

Release Date: May 30, 2020
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In light of all that is transpiring in our country this weekend, We wanted to send out a message of inspiration, hope and determination.  We need to “to live and help one another” get through these uncertain times.  This little song is meant to give encouragement for everyone who still remains incredulous to the outcome of the election.  It is for all the peace-loving peoples whom still believe love does trump hate and that we will be vigilant and peacefully defiant. We must remain strong and most of all remain hopeful that we can rise to the occasion from this moment forward.  As Bernie Worrell riffed, “Grandma says so, Grandpa says so…we all say so!” And so it begins…


Come in Out of the Rain was originally released by Parliament in 1970. This version was recorded by our group of Avila Street Records Allstars and featuring Bernie Worrell the week the United States invaded Iraq in 2003.  Musicians from the around the Bay Area gathered at In the Pocket Studio in Forestville, California and recorded two powerful versions.  One we call the rage version when you are feeling angry and one we deem more contemplative.  Whatever suits your mood! It was a musical response to what we thought of as tragic circumstances.  We find ourselves back in uncertain times and again we must rise to the occasion. Let the resistance begin.


We’re dedicating this song to a legend and the Wizard of Woo, Bernie Worrell, who passed away in 2016. He was loved by many and will be missed. Please listen and share this song and donate if you wish…


Original Rage Version



Rondo Remix Version



Help spread the love and peace! Any proceeds will support the ACLU and The Sierra Club.


From your friends at Avila Street Records: Tony Mindel, Jim Greer and Brandon Arnovick of the Rondo Brothers, Samantha Stollenwerck, Jennifer Brazill, Jason McHugh, Jordan Feinstein, Eenor, Inx Herman, Vir McCoy, Sarita Pockell, John Schroeder, Andrea Vecchione, Nikila Badua of Hamsa Lila. Thank you to our engineers Jonathan Chi, Scully and Gregory Haldan.  Big thanks to Judie Worrell and, of course, Bernie Worrell for your music, love and inspiration.