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Fog Shack Music Volume One (feat. Bernie Worrell)

Release Date: January 3, 2006
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The group throws in bits of familiar sounds from James Brown’s R&B to George Clinton’s funk mixed in with snazzy guitar lines favored by Santana and Booker T & the MG’s party rock into their sonic stew. They call this “Eucalyptus Funk”. Vinyl specializes in a pumping Hammond B3 organ. Mostly instrumental, their music is wide-ranging and creates a funky groove with an old-school flavor. The Fog Shack volumes are remix albums with a hip-hop feel featuring music by Bernie Worell and Les Claypool

Album Review

Bay Area friends and producers, the Rondo Brothers, and Tony Mindel took a selection of previously recorded Vinyl music and added spice and Sampled rhythm and sounds to the edges. The result is old tracks with new ideas to give a new hip-hop feel to the funky sounds of Vinyl. Famed Parliament Keyboardist Bernie Worrell lends funky and quzzicle style to this eclectic dance album