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Snake Oil

Release Date: January 1, 2005
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They take bluegrass, blues, jug-stomp and funk and toss them into a grinder and produce a ragged and gamey blend all their own. Deadly viruses, flapjack kings, populate stiff Dead Cat’s world. Songs about a freaky Chihuahua named Tatuituican and a blue-lipped, snake-bitten wife. These characters brought forth in a twangy, bluesy, old-timey music rising out of the backwoods through the swamp and up from the grave to rock, shake and haunt you.

Album Review

This album distills down a combination of bluegrass, jazz, blues, stomp and funk into what they call Porch Punk. This swamp music is raw, freight-train puddin’, full of blazing licks and high-spirited improvisation. It conjures up tragic and comedic images of backwoods with a window into a lifestyle both wayward and contagious.